Mammoplasty / Breast Prosthesis

The breast is considered since ancient times as a symbol of femininity, beauty and sensuality. An adequate volume and harmony of the breasts are often related to feelings of confidence and security in interpersonal relationships and sexual life. It is an organ highly valued by women, and is a cause for concern for its appearance, shape, size and location as well as the characteristics of the areola and nipple. For these reasons, plastic surgery has developed innovative techniques in which, through the placement of state-of-the-art breast implants, we can achieve a marked, natural and sensual neckline with minimal scars, and that does not interfere with subsequent breastfeeding.
For these reasons, this is one of the most performed surgeries in our specialty, with the most gratifying results for our patients.

Data Sheet
  • Objective: To provide greater volume to the breast through the placement of breast implants, to obtain sensual and attractive breasts that harmonize with the body shape of the patient.
  • Surgery time: 3 to 5 hours
  • Anesthesia: epidural with sedation.
  • Remove of sutures: Between 10 and 14 days.
  • Hospitalization: YES, a night of hospitalization is suggested for the control of drainage and intravenous medication.
  • Recommended rest: Between 5 and 7 days although the patient can return their activities after the third day of surgery.
  • Scars: Depending on the technique of placement of the implant, the scars will be practically imperceptible since they are located in areas where they are hidden with natural lines of the skin such as the periareolar, axillary or inframammary way. The approach will be defined in the preoperative evaluation.
  • Complementary Procedures: Mastopexy.