Liposculpture / Body molding surgery

A defined, toned and profiled silhouette is considered a symbol of strength and youth and is associated with personal, professional and social success. Excesses of fat are often considered unhealthy and aesthetically unacceptable and often can not be eliminated by diet nor with physical exercise.

Liposuction allows molding the body contour and improve the figure by removing this unwanted fat. In this procedure fat is extracted from the body through cannulas that are connected to a suction system, being the most commonly performed procedure by plastic surgeons worldwide due to the high satisfaction rate on the part of patients. There are three types of liposuction; conventional liposuction, laser liposuction (lipolaser) and liposuction with ultrasound.

In some patients the fat that was removed in liposuction can be used to be placed in regions that need an augmentation, such as the buttocks and hips, thus shaping the figure, which is known as liposculpture.

Data Sheet:
  • Objective: Remove excess accumulated fat in localized areas of the body to improve body contour.
  • Surgery time: 3 to 5 hours
  • Anesthesia: Epidural with sedation.
  • Remove of sutures: between 10 and 14 days.
  • Hospitalization: YES, one night of hospitalization is indicated for the control of vital functions, drainage, and intravenous medication.
  • Recommended rest: between 7 and 14 days although the patient can return their activities after the fifth day of surgery.
  • Scars: the points where the cannulas of liposuction enter are less than 0.5cm and are located in areas of natural folds of the skin so they are practically imperceptible
  • Complementary Procedures: Fat grafting in glutes and hips