Platelet rich plasma

Platelets, one of the elements present in the blood, are replete with proteins called Growth Factors, substances that intervene in the processes of repair, restoration and cellular regeneration; and that also stimulate the production of Collagen, necessary to have a smooth and better quality skin.

The aesthetic procedure known as Platelet Rich Plasma is mainly used by the Aesthetic Medicine of Rejuvenation. This procedure seeks to restore the patient’s face to the freshness and firmness he had lost. When the blood of the same patient is used in this procedure, there are no risks of allergies or side effects.

It is ideal for those who begin to notice the first signs of the years and want to avoid them efficiently, without the need of substances foreign to the body or resorting to major surgical procedures. It is also used effectively as a treatment for hair loss.

Data Sheet:
  • Objective: To restore to the face the freshness and firmness that it has lost, diminishing wrinkles and rejuvenating the face in a minimally invasive procedure. Treatment of hair loss.
  • Procedure time: 1 hour.
  • Anesthesia: topical or local with light sedation depending on the patient.
  • Remove of sutures: sutures are not placed.
  • Hospitalization: NO, outpatient procedure.
  • Recommended rest: it does not require medical rest, in some patients it can generate swelling or some bruises that usually diminish in two or three days.
  • Scars: does not leave any type of scar.
  • Complementary Procedures: Botox, Facial fillers.